Donation Event "Tabung Harapan Malaysia"

Allowing you to purchase the desired sportswear also does something meaningful which is customers who spend on our website from 8th to 30th June, 10% of the total amount spent will be donated to "Tabung Harapan Malaysia".  

Tabung Harapan Malaysia
Account No.:566010626452

I bought a sports top (RM31) and pants (RM39) = RM70
Sportantz will donate 10% of RM70 = RM7

Event schedule:

Event Period : 8th to 30th June
Calculation of donation : 1st of July
Donation day: 2nd of July (Donation receipt will be uploaded to facebook, as well as our website) Let you guys to see your contributions  



让您能购买想要的运动服装同时也做了另一件有意义的事。就是在8号到30号期间在我们网站消费的顾客们,消费的总金额的10% 将捐出给大马希望基金。  

Tabung Harapan Malaysia
Account No.:566010626452

我买了一件运动上衣(RM31)和裤子(RM39) = RM70
sportantz 将会捐出RM70 的10% = RM7



活动日  : 6月 8日 至 30日

计算捐款日: 7月 1 日

捐款日:7月2 日 (捐款收据将会上传至facebook,还有网站)让大家看看自己的成绩和贡献