Sportantz popularity contest |  人气王竞赛 送出RM100 现金券

✨✨Sportantz popularity contest✨✨

In October, we decided to hold a popularity contest and giving away vouchers.


It's very simple😉,


As long as you have bought our products, put them on, take a photo with confidence, upload to your social media (instagram or facebook), Tag @sportantz, and hashtag #sportantzgo , and you're all done and qualified in the contest!

Step to entry:

1. This contest only available for Sportantz's customers. (Order number required when giving voucher)

2. Wear sportantz products and take photos.

3. Share the photo on Instagram or facebook.

4. Tag @sportantz, and hashtag #sportantzgo in the post.

The top 5 posts with the most likes will be selected as WINNERS🏆🏆🏆

🥇 Top 5 winners will get RM100 cash voucher!!

So share your entries with your friends & family to get more likes, comments, and shares!👍💬➡

#sportantz #free #giveaway #sportantzgo

Contest will ends at 11:59 PM on 31/11 Thursday.

[We will announce the name of winners on Friday, 1 November 19 ]😉❤




✨✨Sportantz 人气王竞赛✨✨

#十月 我们决定举办人气王竞赛 派送丰富礼券給人气王喔!


只要您曾经买过我们的产品 ,你只需要穿上 ,再自信的拍张照片,把照片上传至个人的 instagram 或 面子书 账号,Tag @sportantz 和 hastag #sportantzgo 就能参加竞赛咯!

获得最多 LIKE👍的首5位参与者就能赢取现金卷哦!

参赛步骤 & 条件:


2.穿着SPORTANTZ 產品拍照 记得秀出漂亮笑容😁✌

3.把照片上传至个人的 instagram 或 面子书 账号

4.在帖子 Tag @sportantz 和 hastag #sportantzgo




🥇获得最多赞的首5张照片可以赢取RM100 的现金券!

所以一定要记得与您的朋友 & 家人分享您的参赛作品,以获得更多赞,评论和分享哦!

比赛将在31/10星期四 晚上11:59pm 结束。

[我们将会在11月1日星期五 宣布获胜者]

祝你好运咯! 😉❤



Example / 示范图。 

切记要 #sportantzgo